Meet the Author

Sue Nichols cares for seniors by day,
But she loves nothing more,
Than making time for silly stories with kids
As they all lounge on the floor.

Her grandkids call her the “Grand Llama.”
Because she’s fun, cuddly, and tall.
But the best thing about Sue Nichols
Is she spreads kindness to all.

If she’s not rescuing animals,
She’s cooking someone a feast.
Sue is a friend to all things living,
Whether they’re people or beasts!

Smidgen, The Baseball-Loving Pigeon is Sue’s first children’s book.

Meet the Illustrator

Gary Blake is an illustrator living in Newburgh, NY. He’s enjoyed a life-long and varied career sharing his love of art by teaching middle grade art classes, working as an art director for an ad agency, and designing books. In his free time, Gary creates personalized, color-filled drawings and illustrations for his beloved grandchildren.

Get in touch with Gary at gwblakeillustration@gmail.com.

Connect with Sue

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